At Starry Nights we understand how stressful a proms and homecomings can be. Between asking the girl out and brushing up on your dancing skills you have a lot on your mind. Imagine sipping on sparkling cider from the back of a long white limousine and taking pictures alongside our stretched Lincoln or 40 foot Hummer H2. With Starry Nights prom service you will be sure to wow your date!

Parents never fear! Your young adults will be transported by chauffeurs who not only have the highest safety standards but are also prior law enforcement. Our beautiful limousines are always smoke free. Even when someone in the party is of legal age the use of tobacco and liquor will not be tolerated. If such behavior is exhibited there will be an immediate termination of the charter and the trip will be billed in full. Having fun is expected but rough housing and hanging out of windows will be kept minimal. A Starry Nights limousine will leave a lasting impression while your youth are kept safe on their memorable night.