“People will think we’re famous!” Said the enthusiastic little birthday girl who climbed into my limo this weekend. For ages limos have been associated with the rich and famous, but how did these stretched out ultra-luxury cars come to be? That’s one question I’ve pondered this weekend so I did a little digging around on the net and have come up with an abridged history of limousines to kick off the Starry Nights blog!

A limousine is defined as a large luxury vehicle having separated passenger and driver compartments. In the 1900’s wealthy people had enclosed carriages that were designed to both protect them from the elements and to separate themselves from their chauffeur. Owning a carriage was a significant status symbol and they were often decorated with flowers to make weddings and other occasions even more special. The invention of the automobile changed transportation forever and, before long, they replaced carriages entirely. The need for the rich to separate themselves didn’t go away just because carriages did. Soon classics like Cadillac and Rolls Royce were making cars with extra roomy interiors, and dividing partitions. At this point limos were still not as long as they are today. People began stretching cars as a way to transport movie and band equipment as they traveled. These long cars became the icon of celebrities and were quickly turned into luxury passenger cars marking the grand entrances of actors, singers, and politicians everywhere.

Fortunately for the rest of us, cars have been made increasingly more efficient, and in turn, limousine service has been made available to all of us. Limousines continue to evolve into bigger, better, and more luxurious vehicles than ever before, even expanding as far as busses and replies! Whether it’s the wedding of your dreams or a night on the town, using limousine service is a great way to stay safe and feel like royalty.